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Wedding Limousine Packages 

Holy Matrimony

You've been planning this day for months (years really!), now... take time to smell the flowers! Put us in touch with your Wedding Planner, your Photographer or your Mother and we'll work with everyone to make sure the Bride shows up at the right place, at the precise time!

You girls getting your hair done at 8am? We'll pick you up with bagels and some well-deserved Mimosas, or bring your own!

Like we said... take time to smell the flowers! Weddings are a top priority here at Barrie Executive Limousine because we know what goes on behind the scenes (and we've met a couple of Bridezillas in our time!). We encourage our Brides & Grooms (and Moms & Dads too) to visit our showroom. Sit in the limousines and make sure that "one size fits all", including that beautiful Princess Dress you have (let's not kid ourselves...that's going to use 2 seats)! You'll notice that we don't offer Wedding Package Pricing. That's because each wedding is different. Some Brides need 5 hours in the daytime (hair, nails, photos at home and photos by the river. Oh yes, and time to get the Groom and his boys too!). While other Brides are more concerned about picking up Grandma from out-of-town (no one has time to get her!). Whether it's during your visit here to Barrie Executive Limousine, or on the phone, we'll help you tailor our service to suit exactly what you need.

Getting to the church; getting to the park; getting to the end of the day... we can shuttle your guests and come back to sneak you and your new spouse to your secret hide-away (and we won't tell a soul!). Oh, and by the way... Congratulations!

Make it Magical

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