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Stags and Bachelorette Parties

The last big celebration.

The final salute to being single! The party starts at your pick-up point and continues till the last person is home safe! So you're going to grab dinner first, then on to the hottest bars in town (or out-of-town); a spa maybe for you gals, or a wine tour? We've been there, done that! Barrie Executive Limousine adds enchantment to the evening and is happy to accept the responsible position of being your Designated Driver! Today, all the restaurants and bars make sure their staff is Smart Serve educated.

Here at Barrie Executive Limousine, we have the Smart Drive program. You partake, and we drive! Go on... have a blast and let us manoeuvre the traffic, the parking lots, the Ride Programs and the weather! We'll be the single person responsible to get everyone home safe, and you be the single person you are...for one last time! Enjoy.

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